Great post! Though I will be getting a Christmas Rose, I have the perfect spot…, Janet, Good, don’t divide them and let them get huge. Hellebores: Divide and Multiply By Carmine Carosella, Fairfax Master Gardener You’ve seen all those fancy hellebores at the garden shops, and they set your heart aflutter. It is not a hybrid hellebore, but rather a species cross featuring Christmas rose as a parent and making it dividable. The method outlined below can also be applied to all species hellebores except Majorcan hellebore (Helleborus lividus), Corsican hellebore (H. argutifolius), and bearsfoot hellebore (H. foetidus). Wonderful post! Care. I always though you should not divide hellebores but then last year I gave it a try and I’m so happy to say I have had success. Excellent article and gorgeous hybrid hellebores, Carolyn … the huge undivided drifts must be a stunning sight to behold. Glad to hear about the Christmas rose. Andrea, What an incredible compliment. I am in zone 7 of N. Alabama and have felt like I had black thumbs since moving here from So Cal ten years ago. You can divided ‘Ivory Prince’ if you want. It grows very well between rocks where the moisture drains down to it. Carolyn. Propagating Hellebores . Can You Divide Lenten Rose? I always divide my hellebores as they are coming into bloom because each flower represents a potential division. They are native to central and south Europe … What are they and what can be done to eliminate them chemical free? They will need to be divided or else moved into larger pots as the clumps expand. Only by digging the whole plant up can you avoid injury to the plant by viewing the unique way each individual plant needs to be divided. I have tried before to transplant these rather large specimens into my garden with no luck. I often read in gardening books that you should cut off a portion of the plant while it’s still in the ground and wonder if the writer has ever tried that method. Thanks, Marguerite. Very helpful advise! Thanks so much! For information about the best areas in Australia to grow Hellebores, the best position in the garden to plant them and generally getting the best out of your Hellebores, click on the buttons above. Carolyn. Donna, All they need where you live is good drainage, but I am not sure about the zone–is that what you mean? Hellebores can be fussy about being dug up and moved, so it's generally just best to leave them be. Dear Carolyn, Carolyn. For photographs of the full range of their colors, please read my article An Ode to Seed Strain Hellebores by clicking here. Plant your new divisions in full shade to almost full sun. Lisa, Maybe the plants that were divided to produce your gift were so big that they had separated into separate stalks and thus separate plants so they may take. thank you, Carolyn, Seems you are the Gertrude Jekyll of Pennsylvania , Laura, I divide hybrid hellebores ideally before the flowers are all the way out, but they can be fully extended. Watch out for the gold coloured Hellebores. I love all your hellebores especially the double layered ones. It is easiest to dig the entire plant and shake or wash off the soil, so you can see where the buds are on the crown. Hellebores are part of the Ranunculaceae family, which includes Ranunculus, Anenomes and Clematis. Planting guide for Winter Roses (Hellebores) Making Your Hellebore Selection. I have gotten rid of it by very carefully digging up (not pulling) the plant with a trowel making sure to get all the little nodules. The March 6 session of Charles Cresson’s Snowdrops and Other Winter Interest Plants Seminar has been rescheduled for March 13 and has a few spaces left. I am just beginning to get the hang of gardening here with clay soil and too much shade. And planted in a shady area . My oldest plant is now 4 years old and is bearing Many beautiful flowers this Spring. I have spent an extensive time here on your blog this morning and have learned a great deal about shade plants in general. I have divided a hellebore but only once so far. I did this 2 yrs ago…and last year, I had a lot of buds on both. Rebecca, I identified you hellebore as a hybrid, Helleborus x hybridus. Martha, It is really not clear from your description what the problem is if the tree is gone. I never think to divide hellebores as there are so many volunteers, but as you say, the expense of certain hybrid plants makes it worth the effort. Hellebores are so easy-care that it takes a concerted effort to kill them. Is the best time to move them like the clump kind, when they start to bloom? . (My gut instincts aren’t always right by the way …) Nothing could be further from the truth: they are easy to grow and propagate by division. I had no idea what they even were until I began blogging! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. By removing the most vigorous … For the brochure and registration information, click here. Thanks for a terrific post, filled with lovely photos and excellent advice. Thanks for sharing. Last yr. In 1898, in Wood and Garden, she wrote: “I never divide things by brutally chopping them across with the spade….The only safe way [to divide a Christmas rose] is to wash the clumps well out and look carefully for the points of attachment, and cut them either with knife or chisel….”. Favorite Hellebores for your Winter and Spring Garden. and informative, thank you! You can move hellebores in early spring or fall. The method outlined below can also be applied to all species hellebores except Majorcan hellebore (, Since writing this, I discovered that none other than the famous Gertrude Jekyll and I agree on this point.

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