Newly painted surfaces sticking together. Let the door … My article and comments below only apply to weatherstrip on pedestrian doors….Swinging doors that you walk through. You should be able to special order the Pemko product through a local full service door shop Don’t bother with big box store for this one. Allow to dry (with door cracked) for 4 to 6 hours. Hi Dan, Use a coarse grit, followed by a fine-grit sandpaper to sand away the paint. RC/DG, RC/DG: So far, no luck. Exterior Door Weatherstripping Sticks to Doors. Auto body shops just started using water based paint because of environmental reasons, not because oil paint was no good on exterior metal surfaces. It doesn’t make any difference how long the paint dries, the vinyl bulb interacts with the latex paint (especially during warm weather), sticks to it and peels off the paint that it touches. And why would the strip actually feel sticky? You should be able to order this fairly easily at the quality hardware store that I alluded to earlier. Putting Weather Stripping on a Car Door Remove any old weather stripping that’s already on the … Just where paint touches paint. Both water and oil-based paints need to fully cure before you allow them to contact another object. The paint actually will take longer to dry than you think. Pemko Manufacturing part # is 297S, 2- It seems like the newer style of weatherstripping is called “kerf” style. And it nags at you because you have to deal with it several times a day. Remove the door again and either continue sanding until the door operates smoothly or, if the problem is fixed, reapply paint… Painted doors sticking. Also, remove the weather-stripping around the door prior to painting it. Please write with any more ? This can be frustrating if you want to open the window or door, so how do you release and unstick them? You can apply a DIY weatherstripping door seal strip to stop leaks and aid with climate control. I purchased what I was told was silicon weather stripping from the local ACE hardware, but the manufacturer is MD Building Products, Oklahoma City (#MD01073). RC/DG. Two companies that sell professional grade weatherseal products are Pemko and Columbia Aluminum Products. In sympathy with your plight, I too have seen books lightly sticking to latex-coated shelves after years of drying! If you need to replace the door, If you need to replace the door, this step-by-step guide to replacing a sliding patio door is all you need to make it a DIY project. Painting a smooth door gives paint better contact. It doesn’t make any difference how long the paint dries, the vinyl bulb interacts with the latex paint (especially during warm weather), sticks to it and peels off the paint that it touches. This could be paint from years before I owned my home, or could be from the two times I've had my house painted since I've owned it. [I have read elsewhere on your site that I should get a silicone bulb instead of a vinyl one to prevent the paint-peeling that happens with vinyl, so I’m glad for that tip.). Full curing of the paint can take up to a few weeks. Question # 2: The kerf style (Q lon) weatherstrip is the modern product that we use in almost all new residential door installations. This is why your door continues to stick. The important thing to know is that the standard vinyl bulb that comes with this type of weatherstrip sticks to the latex enamels that most people use today. Also, remove the weatherstripping around the … Installing weatherstripping is a great way to cover a window or door for winter. Because it really does feel like it’s sealed shut. Acrylic latex paint is notorious for “blocking” or sticking to almost any surface it is in contact with while it cures. I think this is the case because you say that the bulb itself feels sticky…This is not normal! This is especially true during humid conditions, when it takes longer for paint to cure properly. It would have been installed on exterior doors that were installed before about 1990. Sometimes the reason for the door sticking could be a slight obstruction that is not directly visible, or the accumulation of dirt in the hinges. And, can I buy it from you, as so far I’ve called three places and can’t find it. Comment. Here are the part #s: What about the various options in #2? Keep using quarter-inch markings so you do not sand down too much and produce a gap that allows air into the house. After you repaint the areas that were pulled away, and stuck to the weater strip. Both would probably serve you well. Forum discussion: The paint on my garage door is sticking to the painted vinyl flashing around it causing the door to "e;jump"e; as it is comes unstuck. One problem is that exterior doors painted with latex paints are notorious for sticking to their weatherstripping. Another solution for a concealed product that works well is a stick on silicone v product that installs inside the part of the jamb where the door is located. A quick tutorial on the materials and techniques for weatherstripping doors quick, cheap and dirty using peel-and-stick gaskets. Sand away bumps and lumps to allow the paint to dry smoothly, lessening the chances of the freshly painted door sticking to the jamb. This can be a real problem for exterior doors with weather stripping; after all, most of us are not so secure that we would leave our front doors open for three or four days and nights. I used a sanding block to take down the elevated areas of the paint on the door and jam. Pemko will be more readily available. I am having the same problem – except my door is not painted with latex it is covered with oil base polyurethane, the finish is at least 10 years old. I used a sanding block to take down the elevated areas of the paint on the door and jam. The Columbia product is the one that I have used for many years and have had consistent success with. Take care not to sand through thin layers of primer. Most often used for mood lighting, candles can do double duty keeping stubborn doors and windows from sticking and sliding doors gliding. The finish code goes where the underscore is. I would suggest treating yourself to a set of the silicone bulb weatherstripping that I describe above. user-457547 | Posted in General Discussion on October 1, 2003 04:46am I posted this question a while ago without response.

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