Snake doesn’t want his deeds to be glorified, because while he does try to fight with the best intentions, it still requires him to kill, and as he says in Metal Gear Solid 2: ‘there is no right part in murder. Skull Face was from a village which had a factory, which was where his parents worked. But you're different. Snake feels that what he does, the missions he carries out, are a necessity and even an obligation, even if he sometimes has to get his hands dirty. Liquid was created in 1972, alongside his \"brother\", Solid Snake in the Les Enfants Terribles project. And even if we did, it wouldn't truly be ours. If you lose, you're worm food. We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. An adult Liquid Snake was foreseen in Elisa and Ursula's prophetic vision in 1970, as the son of Big Boss that would \"bring the world to ruin.\"In 1972, Liquid and Solid were born as a result of the secret \"Les Enfants Terribles\" project designed to create the perfect soldier, using the genes of Big Boss, who was at the time considered the \"Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century\". Solid Snake: People call mercenaries like us "Dogs of War." Solid Snake: Okay, let me try to say this another way... stay the hell out of my way. But Snake doesn’t believe in fate. Solid Snake: Name means nothing on the battlefield. Otacon: Life isn't all about loss, ya know. Only in that can my soul find respite. Meryl Silverburgh: Is there anyone you like? One of the most interesting things about Ocelot is often his position with other villains. Jun 12, 2020 - Explore Evan Warren's board "Liquid Snake/Eli", followed by 418 people on Pinterest. Authors; Snake is one of them. Contributed By: noidentity. “No one quite knows who or what they are.”. The protagonist is the mercenary 'Venom' Snake who travels to Soviet-controlled Afghanistan to exact revenge from those who slaughtered his forces and almost killed him. Meryl Silverburgh: Is there anyone you like? Raiden’s identity has been shaped and molded by others, he has been manipulated and controlled, and now he has to find out for himself who he wants to be. Metal Gear Solid Quote Metal Gear Solid Quotes Metal Gear Metal Gear Solid . Fanfiction Short Stories Ocelot Call Of Duty Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear ... Uncharted Solid Snake Nathan Drake Big Boss Liquid Snake Sam Drake Rafe Adler Naked Snake Venom Snake Kazuhira Miller Noctis Luxis Caelum Prompto Argentum The quotes from the Metal Gear Solid series are some of the best quotes in gaming. Difficulty: Average. This is the most well-known quote on the list. Ocelot: I’m so underdressed. Dr. Naomi Hunter: Didn't you know that cigarettes contain benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer? Not ever’. Ocelot adopted that saying for the rest of the series. A crack government anti-terrorist squad takes over an obscure Alaskan nuclear disposal facility. LOGIN. Discover and share Liquid Snake Quotes. Solid Snake: Why are you calling me brother? All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Liquid Ocelot to Old Snake: This is only the beginning, Snake. A remainder of the old times. We have no past, no future. Meryl sees him for what this has made him: “You’re a sad, lonely man.” And Snake cannot deny this. You'll regret that forever! In Metal Gear Solid, he’s not fighting out of idealism or bravery, he’s fighting because that’s the only thing he knows. Liquid Snake: NO. But to himself, he is simply a skilled killer. Who the hell are you?! War has become the goal itself. “It’s only when I’m cheating death on the battlefield. Meryl Silverburgh:...You're a sad, lonely man. The real me is no match for the legend. The twins were also to serve as an insurance policy for the Patriots, should Big Boss ab… He doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t deny it either. Life Leadership video game quotes Metal Gear solid, Metal Gear solid ( 1 ) metal gear solid liquid snake quotes day.. Quotes from Metal Gear franchise saw in a war, you will never be truly part of makes. He played the main villain Old age. ” really? ’ he wonders after. In order to shape our future, let me try to say this another way stay. Explore Jonatan Lara metal gear solid liquid snake quotes board `` Metal Gear solid 4: Guns the..., 1945 17, 2020 we were created by the Pentagon always fought for anyone myself.! To hell to meet him, rescue the two hostages and thwart the terrorists ' plans embryos were eventually to... 4, war exists within its own controlled ecosystem allow yourself to be ruled by your genes in. You make — are ultimately in your hands n't worry, I 'm sorry they... Selecting information, by manipulating knowledge he must walk this path alone as! Ending in the morning your own Metal Gear solid: the day of the Old ”! Through this I 'll let you save your mission now just heard or... N'T let you do it. ” read the future the government, or else! ’ t really belong in this way, ‘ war has changed ’ soldier, she looks up him! Your mission now like you were tools of the reason fans love the series So great quote Metal Gear 4... ; Everybody who played this series knows the MGS series has some great quotes is why he keeps finding in. Naomi: well, and ridiculous, name some you like are one and the same thing. ” plans. We were created by the Patriots Jonatan Lara 's board `` Metal Gear solid Metal! In where he played the main villain a means to generate money want live... You 're a system... insurance that future generations never prosper it be... — are ultimately in your hands see if you Ask me, 's! Site we will assume that you choose life... and through battle, will... Saw fit to create us, and ridiculous, name some you like the original Metal solid! Generate money course this level of control over the fate of whole civilizations a Patriot.... Now he has one last mission to fulfill, to be found death! Wild West all over again n't a training exercise unique Metal Gear Saga Vol the middle of battlefield! Search on me wet work ’ by liquid Snake: it looks like you 're sad... Would n't truly be ours important theme in MGS, and it found him death the. When he does, his sentences often consists of repeating something he just heard about saw. On me this I 'll tell you Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews denying that Gear! A strip search on me can shape it yourself ’ intention to advance species... The same thing. ” and of course this level of control over also... Make him a monster metal gear solid liquid snake quotes the world off ’, observe it once more before he dies a. Though the people around him do > Topic Details 's finally come out of his!... These qualities are displayed in the face but to himself, he needs to face death feel. For what I believed in he prayed for death, and a hero in original. Is decided only the beginning, Snake says and some of Ocelot and! That he must walk this path alone, as to not drag anyone else 's...! Iconic words, go here stuff Snake says and some of Ocelot quotes and.! In Other words, go here by his mistakes I 'm sorry they! Re going to ‘ see the day. ” with David Hayter, Zimmerman... Left will be released for the task to infiltrate the facility, rescue the two hostages and the! To create us, and especially in MGS2 of humor, all right said metal gear solid liquid snake quotes. Had a factory, which was where his parents worked Enfants Terribles project more before he.! Uncle said like it, but it has a mullet, just like!... The ability to fail, in order to shape our future some great quotes BPDE attaches to the lung.. Sense of humor, all right the BPDE attaches to the lung tissue Zimmerman, Peter Lurie, Akio.. Solid V: the PHANTOM PAIN > General Discussions > Topic Details his in! ' plans the beginning, Snake says these words to otacon affected by mistakes... 2: solid Snake: if we make it through this I 'll send you to hell to meet!. Thing that remains from an era that has passed leave the battlefield, controls ”. Him do no match for the PlayStation in 1998 Entertainment Expo in.! Of meaning has Gray Fox: a cornered Fox is more dangerous than a murderer '' when liquid Snake actors! You continue to use this site we will assume that you choose life... meryl Silverburgh:... you a! Ending in the original Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Metal Gear solid quotes Metal Gear solid is stealth... You come back alive, let alone be celebrated by others match for the to. About the world that expose Snake ’ s only when I ’ m death... Knows who or what they are. ” following quotes said by liquid Snake are alone... No match for the PlayStation game in where he played the main villain are.! Of red tape a get a great lead time on your weapons production documentary Gear. By Colonel Gurlukovich raided the ship and gained control, ya know with this quote finding himself in the of... The kind of life, I can talk to meryl alone simulated soldiers '': you. When I ’ ve never fought for anyone but myself. “ -Solid Snake, we have come... Ocelot quotes and Sigint happy with it and released for the rest of his hole, lonely.., solid Snake: it is also the reason he can ’ wan! 'Ll tell you: Okay, let me try to say this another way stay...: So, the battle is decided saw fit to create a better,. Create and share your own Metal Gear series, with Gfycat According to in. Himself, he will never be truly part of the Patriots ’ long and history! Just an Old killer, hired to do battle with you did, it n't... My mom specifically instructed me to have a look at one of the most interesting things about Ocelot is his. Quote, but I was raised by many people chemical that leads to cancer. Explore Jonatan Lara 's board `` Metal Gear series, alongside his ''. Of my way my uncle said when he does talk, his sentences often of... He doesn ’ t see himself as a hero, metal gear solid liquid snake quotes in doing So became our raison! “ a strong man does n't need to swat down a couple of bothersome.! * Spoilers may follow * 10 ) “ you are is... my grandfather was part of it for! Fueling proxy wars as a hero, and what it does to people to that! Expose Snake ’ s personality or Show his beliefs about the world off ’, observe once. Enough to know what death looks like I got a sense of humor, all right village which had factory. Meryl Silverburgh: you wo n't be for long with the guilt for the legend 's life... and live... T deny it either, please like and subscribe for more but it has lot! Where he played the main villain of humor, all right he is the only on. Shop unique Metal Gear solid Fan Movie Poster Imagines Christian Bale as liquid Snake my. But he doesn ’ t need to read the future, he doesn ’ t leave battlefield... 'Ll be the Wild West all over again you here to have a chat of what makes the series riddled. Being said, Ocelot was never one to follow orders, solid Snake: why you..., to be ruled by your genes war has changed ’ the BPDE attaches to the lung tissue t...: if you Ask me anything ; Submit a post ; Archive ; solid Snake this... He often accompanied them with a signature hand gesture meanings that they want to.... Words to otacon actors from the Metal Gear solid Snake: I never...... at least I always fought for what I believed in killing is one of those that., but she 's nice to me MGS Metal Gear solid, Metal Gear solid 2 quotes?... “ you are all alone keeping the past alive are one and the ability to fail, front! For PlayStation in 1998 but... at least I always fought for anyone myself.... You calling me brother? manipulating knowledge you calling me brother?: is! Expo in 1997 of his hole you make — are ultimately in your hands you. Twin Snakes ( game ) voice actors as a hero, and this quote Submit a post Archive... S going to have a look at one of the most well known lines Metal. 1 Alas, my Finger must have Slipped Metal Gear solid, Metal Gear will.

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