Though the lines are a little more blurry in real-life, the video games industry sees the consumer as just that.. Pictures are blurry and the camera seems to have a hard time utilizing available light. His body roiled with the demon magic, convulsing until the blow faded. See more. Read Blurred Lines online free from your Pc, Tablet, Mobile. What is a “major sexual assault” for the purposes of applying sentencing guidelines in sexual assault cases? A commonly used expression to reference a situation where things are ambiguous or unclear. Sentence Examples for blur. When first adjusting to your lenses, it is common to have blurred vision or a feeling like you are swimming. If a child is not corrected fully and continues to have blurred vision, the eye may elongate in response to blur, perpetuating the myopia. muddy: : morally impure : base . Sometimes meaning "to push the envelope" or test the boundaries of acceptability. Kris and Gabe were still beside him, and instead of demons, there was only Death. They do not represent the opinions of Her gaze blurred, and hot moisture burned down her cheeks. His outlook, usually so clear, was blurred by these considerations, and he lacked the strength to force the suggestions which he made in the autumn of 1853 upon his imperious colleagues. “It’s because I fell in love with this incredible girl my freshman year. I found myself peering to make sense of the blurred outside worlds, differences magnified by being so distorted and yet made homogenous. with infinitesimal objects, images and lenses; in practice these conditions are not realized, and the images projected by uncorrected systems are, in general, ill defined and often completely blurred, if the aperture or field of view exceeds certain limits. Sofia's heart fluttered as she tried to take in the world of blinding lights and blurry colors. Blurry, indistinct graphics and images that don't precisely match the official park logo. Blurred Lines: Commercial, Defense Sectors Begin To Blend The Line Between FBI Stings and Entrapment Has Not Blurred, It's Gone If they cause the macula to swell … A good relationship would show equality for both the man and the women , they would both have an input to what happens, women wouldn’t be shown as objects, women would be seen as independent thus not having to rely on men. The doctor should be called any time there are symptoms of heatstroke, dehydration, blurred vision (possible sun damage to the eyes), chills, fever, vomiting, or blistering associated with sun exposure. Blurred Bylines is an effort to bring to light some of those perspectives that deserve their place in the public conscience. close-ups of eyes or claws, or ultra-fast blurry movement. Many find that their vision is not as clear and that certain objects in the distance may appear blurred. From there, the night was a blurry fever dream. He felt himself hauled up by his neck and thrust onto the ground again. With advancements in technology, many of the ideas in StarTrek now blur the lines between fact and fiction. Unfortunately, a 24-hour media culture doesn’t allow for revisiting and re-assessing. She couldn.t see the Sanctuary through her blurry eyes, just the blue of water and the tan sand beneath her hands. Examples of blurred in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The blurred forms moved again in the candlelight, returning to their seats before the altar. However, trying to increase a 6x6 digital patterned paper for use in a 12x12 layout will result in a blurry graphic. You do not want an album full of thigh shots or blurred pictures. BLURRED LINES, SOME THOUGHTS ON HYBRID, LIMINAL, AND PROSE POETRY In his poem “In the Evening Air,” Theodor Roethke declares, “I’ll make a broken music or I’ll die.” In this one line of blank verse, Roethke testifies memorably to the inherent lyricism of his mortal awareness, what he calls his “dark theme.” The “broken music” Roethke makes resounds in […] Myopia ( nearsightedness ) is an abnormal elongation of the eye, causing distant objects to appear blurred. 3, 1184 b 5-6); but does not make so much of it as the distinction between prudence and wisdom blurred in the Eudemian but defined in the Nicomachean Ethics. See more ideas about quotes, english lines, life quotes. The call letters on the microphone are bl Sorrow replaced anger, and he reached out, touching the soft wheat curls. Blurred Lines Quotes Showing 1-26 of 26. RELATED ( 16 ) with concrete reference to. Her eyes grew blurry, and hot wetness slid down her cheeks. 2 The doors and windows were blurred with soot. blurry definition: 1. difficult to see clearly; making it difficult for someone to see things clearly: 2. difficult…. Occasionally, some individuals say they have blurred vision, feelings of unreality, faints, blackouts or even epileptic fits. Blurred Lines (Love Unexpectedly #1) is a Romance Novels by Lauren Layne. 1 Unable to see or be seen clearly. Initial symptoms include blurred or double vision and difficulty swallowing and speaking. 0. Sometimes things look a little blurry and lack detail, especially in battles. If this is the case, details may become lost or blurry as the image is grown and shrunk. Visual changes, including blurry vision, "blind spots," or double vision. In my opinion, the government's new policy blurs the lines between ethical treatment and abuse. Her vision blurred with tears, and she stood precariously. Besides, the long day had blurred both their minds to the point of uselessness and Fred punctuated every sentence with a yawn. You could develop slower eye-reaction times and blurry vision. Sentence Examples It was also in the back of my mind that my son might have had a few drinks one night, and blurted it out. Many of the paintings, which are reproductions of the original painting, are blends of impressionistic forms and blurred lines representing the emotions of nature instead of replicating the exact images of nature. Migraines are often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light, sound, strong odors, and movement. blurry example sentences. The lines between majoritarianism, nationalism, and fascism have been defiantly blurred, and quite logically. Blurred Lines (Love Unexpectedly #1) is a Romance Novels by Lauren Layne. refract at different angles causing blurred images. On March 26, 2013, Robin Thicke released the single “Blurred Lines”, a song that went on to be the longest running number one … blurred lines A commonly used expression to reference a situation where things are ambiguous or unclear. There also may be confusion, dizziness, and blurred vision. But over the last thirty years letterpress has disappeared and the muffled, blurred effect of pixellated images has become universal. Her world was one of agony and blurred colors. Coupons that are blurry, contain typographical errors, and are missing a bar code are likely fraudulent. Though the lines are a little more blurry in real-life, the video games industry sees the consumer as just that.. 0. Kiera managed a hurt tone and rolled on her side to frown at her blurry best friend of fifteen years. The blurry man lifted her other arm and bit into it. From analysing the song Blurred Lines we are able to understand how a relationships shouldn’t be and can acknowledge how a good relationship should look like. Definitions of blurred: . The shadow world…she staggered and floated through it, hauling him with her toward a pulsing portal that grew blurry fast. Her vision was too blurry for her to see much beyond hazy shapes and colors. The lines are becoming blurred between work and fashion, but we'll discuss that in the next section. Sentence examples for with specific reference to from inspiring English sources. Blur definition is - a smear or stain that obscures. Dec 20, 2020 - Explore Zoha's board "English Lines" on Pinterest. She blew her nose loudly and looked at him through blurry eyes. O.I.S minimizes the jitter from shaky hands that causes many photos to look blurred. “I used to be lost in us. Many of the paintings, which are reproductions of the original painting, are blends of impressionistic forms and blurred lines representing the emotions of nature instead of replicating the exact images of nature. Use a fresh ink cartridge to avoid dull or blurred text. black and whited-white, but the detailed fore-ground Moon makes up for the blurry Earth. They're adequate for the Dreamcast, though the actual characters, bosses, and background are a little blurry at times. Examples of racial inequality in a sentence, how to use it. Fear made Rhyn's chest seize. She gripped it, vision blurred and balance precarious atop the four-inch heels. If you have photos from an event that feature a lot of background or are slightly blurry, crop them into letters to use to make a unique title for your scrapbook layout. Example sentences with the word blurred. Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which objects in the distance are blurred either because the eye is too long or too strong. In addition, if a bruise does not heal within a couple of weeks or if the injury or condition worsens, or if it's accompanied by severe pain, blurred vision, vomiting or dizziness, it's time to seek medical care. Margins of disk appear blurred and disk tissue somewhat elevated. Words Related to blur . She let the bodies pressed against her shove her into the chilled night and blinked back her blurred gaze until she saw her German friends. RELATED ( 16 ) with concrete reference to. ‘We certainly wouldn't be trying to emulate people with blurred vision.’. Her eyes blurred but she forced tears away, tossing off the blankets. His face had been blurry, his dress different. Side effects include dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, urinary retention, and rapid heart rate. At no time were the images blurred or fuzzy. Its current definition is unclear. Case commented on: R v Sam, 2013 ABCA 174. Through blurred eyes, she saw the ocean poised above them and to either side, angry waves kept at bay by whatever magic the Black God employed. ... Hard Out Here, which takes aim at music industry sexism with specific reference to the Blurred Lines video. Colors, shapes, and sounds blurred around her as she allowed the demon to command her body. Rubbing his eyes, he peered at the blurred figures of his clock, (more evidence of the necessity for his glasses). googsey on September 17, 2013 Link 1 Reply Log in to reply Her surroundings blurred into light and shadows, and she felt the sickening sense of falling off the cliff again. Some things I can remember very vividly, others are slightly blurred. Coldness snapped over Rhyn, and his surroundings blurred. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Chromatic Aberration, where different frequencies of light refract at different angles causing blurred images. The Canadian video game industry is so well integrated into the global market that the international boundaries are blurred. About Blurred Bylines. Although a blurry image appeared on television of the woman captured on a video camera, she disappeared out of view once she exited. Unfortunately by the time the advertising guys have got their sticky mitts on things the difference is often blurred. Blurred Lines: Where No Means Yes. PDF Version: Blurred Lines: The Need for Clear Criteria in the Sentencing of Sexual Assaults. The message of the song is blurring lines of morality. Another word for blurted. At the same time, the lines are beginning to get somewhat blurred between wrestling and fighting video games as the two genres continue to mature and become more complex. The cheap window cleaner only produced a blurry streaky glass and had to be cleaned with a more powerful solution. Here the distinction between poster art and poster design is deliberately blurred. The song's beats are sampled from Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up." Heat waves blurred the dunes around them. gunfight participants represented the law, the line between bad men and good was, at best, blurred. Symptoms of overhydration may include blurred vision, muscle cramps and twitching, paralysis on one side of the body, poor coordination, nausea and vomiting, rapid breathing, sudden weight gain, and weakness. They were a blurred backdrop to the rhythmic slapping of the water, the low growl of the pebbles. Summer hit “Blurred Lines” is one of the radio’s most played songs currently. Sentences Menu. To the interposition of air is due the fact that all visual images are to some extent blurred. Faces on the characters are blurry, like they tried to take photographs of real people and scanned them in at 1/4 the quality. For example, if you use a slow shutter speed for action photos you have a better shot of capturing an image where your subject is in focus and the background is blurry, which makes for a much more interesting picture. When you work at home, the lines between your professional and personal life start to become blurry. "Wait!" By now the artifacts are starting to become somewhat blurred. Investing in a small tripod will help minimize blurry images caused by shaking hands. complicate: : to make complex or difficult . to blur the lines between ~ and ~ = to cause two different things to become or seem more similar; to make two distinct things overlap with each other This new movie blurs the lines between comedy and drama. For many children of alcoholics, the line between casual drinker and alcoholic is a blurred one. How to use blur in a sentence is shown in this page. In the paper “Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke” the author analyzes Blurred lines the song by Robin Thicke. Example sentences with the word blurry. ‘blurred vision’. These days, the definitions of what's what in the fashion world have blurred. Read Blurred Lines online free from your Pc, Tablet, Mobile. But now, I see our togetherness in … Breaks in the chain of life, as represented by gaps in the blurred and incomplete documents afforded by fragmentary fossils, are a necessary consequence of the general plan of geological evolution; they mark missing chapters rather than sudden breaks in an evolutionary series. His vision blurry, Kris could only see Hannah's beautiful blond hair. Although the vision is blurry, the sense of smell develops, and she will be able to identify her littermates. and Pharrel on his single "BLURRED LINES," which features graphic lyrics and chauvinistic themes. This is hardly surprising; in a media-saturated world where a gorgeous woman like Kate Winslet who has magnificent curves can be labeled "fat," everyone's vision and sanity gets blurry. The song is a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. He blinked, uncertain what happened until he found himself standing in a dimly lit chamber. They take the form of sections of image that appear blocky or blurred. The trio made two music videos for the single, one clean and one explicit, both featuring models dancing around the men, posing with farm animals, and having their hair brushed. I … 4 The Guardian - Music. First draft. Blur definition, to obscure or sully (something) by smearing or with a smeary substance: The windows were blurred with soot. The things he needed to tell the boy could not simply be blurted out during a fireside chat in one sitting. professional demarcations will become increasingly blurred with the emphasis on required skills. Using an optical microscope Wembley Stadium would look like a blurred blob. 3. Here is where the responsibilities of the medical insurance companies become blurred. In an impressive intellectual sleight of hand, the privateers blurred the rather important difference between the free market and democracy. You don't want the photos to be blurry or marred. So what's the situation with that guy you met?" Examples of how to use “dividing line” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs [Cambridge Online] Usage: Suffers of Presbyopia: Presbyopia is a fancy sounding name that describes the blurred vision that many over the age of forty experience. Have you ever notice on older TVs how lots of movement looks blurry or letters aren't as crisp as they could be? Over the last decade, the line between computer games and video games has blurred extensively. fog: : vapor condensed to fine particles of water suspended in the lower atmosphere that differs from cloud only in being near the ground . 11/21/13. Two disheveled members of her guard were with her in a dark, blurry cage. If by some chance you are involved in a crash, the screen will go blurry to indicate this crash. All Rights Reserved. After spraying a mist in my eyes, the doctor asked me to open my blurry eyes. She awoke in a sweat, the blurred scenes of gore and screams of dying from her dreams fading. Han asked, his form blurry in front of her. The design line between the 1950s and 1960s is often blurred by the use of similar and sometimes the same motifs. Despite the undergarments, parts of her body were still blurred out on television for the sake of the joke. You can perhaps say blur, as in blurring the lines. More than any other writing market out there, the paths into the songwriting market are blurry. All Rights Reserved. How to use blur in a sentence. Sentences for Blurred Lines Cyrus was the subject of public and media scrutiny following her performance of "We Can't Stop" (2013) and "Blurred Lines" (2013) with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. If they cause the macula to swell (known as macular edema ), they can make vision blurred. The color and texture of embellishments adds visual appeal to a scrapbook layout, particularly on pages where the photos are a bit blurry or underexposed. Symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision, low urine output, and irritability to name a few. The temple which he has made a sacrilege utters bitter lamentations; he has made its eyes blurred with tears. blurred when the subject is approached afresh. The insightful and educational track off Weird Al’s epic fourteenth studio album, Mandatory Fun. I blurted out to my kind friend that I had absolutely no interest in that cantankerous, melancholy old woman! Is it blurred due to wind or did you create the blurred due to wind or did you create the blur? Jade locking her in a trunk, Katie screaming at him not to cut off her hand while she writhed on the bed, Katie sobbing and bandaging her after, blurred memories, the vision of ocean and sand, nothing. 4 The Guardian - Music. The, Blurred Lines, By Robin Thicke 1256 Words | 6 Pages. Nocturnal myopia, another type of myopia sometimes referred to as "night blindness," is blurred vision only in darkness. 0. Other side effects include dry mouth, constipation, difficulty urinating, blurred vision, sedation, weight gain, central nervous system and cardiovascular toxicity, delirium, and risk of suicide by overdose. The letter crumpled in her hands, her vision blurred then tunneled to a narrow point of white light. As he enters puberty, the line between his two selves - his Jekyll and Hyde - is blurred still further. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. This damage causes blurred vision, sudden blindness, or black spots, lines, or flashing light in the field of vision. ‘The darkness was unworldly, he thought; objects blurred into each other, colors shifted to become unnatural.’. ‘the camera caught only two blurred images’. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Sentence examples for with specific reference to from inspiring English sources. The exception to this rule is ritualistic dance, however occasionally even then the divide between performer and spectator is blurred. The line down the highway blurred for a second and she realized she had nearly fallen asleep. Kris gasped. An optically correct version ensures that the image is not blurry. These oral drugs do have side effects, such as dry mouth and eyes, blurry vision, and constipation, and may not be appropriate for pediatric patients. It is essential to remain motionless during the x ray, since movement causes the resulting picture to be blurry. From well known TV blogs like Reality Blurred to simple fan blogs devoted to the show, expect to find the blogosphere buzzing the day after a Survivor eviction. However, as the research discussed in the last section suggests, the line between science and policy is inevitably blurred. Even the slightly blurry peripheral vision may not be enough to hinder you when you wear a pair of replicas, depending on the quality of the ones you pick up. If they appear flimsy, cheaply made, the hinges don't move smoothly, they are uncomfortable, or if the logo is blurred, chances are they are not the thing. Find more ways to say blurted, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Blurred snatches of neon illuminations then flit across the screen as the music becomes jagged, bluesy scars. The song is placed at number one on America’s top 40 charts for the week of September 14th. The early morning fog blurred our vision. Presbyopia is an age related condition that involves blurred near vision. This camera was positioned further away and the picture blurry, and more intermittent. 23 examples: The resultant racial inequality is evident in basic indicators. The material attracts and holds moisture so that the contact lenses are less likely to dry out prematurely and cause eye discomfort, irritation, and blurred vision. This blurred vision typically occurs when reading, sewing or working at the computer and it usually prompts the individual to hold an object at arm's length. 3 She suffered from dizziness and blurred vision. Those sections of the light spectrum can cause headaches, fatigued eyes, itchy eyes, and blurred lenses. Definition and high quality example sentences with “blurred” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English - As a… Another word for blurred: indistinct, faint, vague, unclear, dim | Collins English Thesaurus - As a… Galton was the author of memoirs on various anthropometric subjects; he originated the process of composite portraiture, and paid much attention to finger-prints and their employment for the identification of criminals, his publications on this subject including Finger Prints (1892), Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints (1893) and Finger Print Directories (1895). Astigmatism-An eye condition in which the cornea doesn't focus light properly on the retina, resulting in a blurred image. Examples of Blurry in a sentence Due to the excessive rain, the windshield became a blurry screen that made it impossible to see through. Symptoms of eye injury or orbital fracture can include blurred or double vision, decreased mobility of the eye, and numbness in the area of the eye. Newborns can only focus between 8-12 inches (20-30 cm), so much of their vision is blurred. The leg wound from Shipton's flailing ice ax had been an eight-stitcher of no permanent consequence but the clump of frozen mountain Dean caught on the head kept him fuzzy and blurred his vision for a day and a half, necessitating the stay. Jamie Huo. How to use blurred in a sentence. Male private parts were often blurred but the women were shown completely nude engaging in sexual positions and performing many different sexual acts. Check the meaning of blur. Some people find the drops make their eyes dazzled or their sight will be blurred. Some of these are great candid moments of Miley, but those are the rare gems; most are taken at a great distance with cell phone cameras and are shaky, blurry, and often have the star just as a bright dot in the center of a crowd of people.